Dear customer,

We would like to thank you for choosing this product and we hope that it meets your need, in case of any defect, please contact us through the website or at our numbers shown below.

Warranty Policy:

– The warranty applies to all electronic devices and chairs, except for accessories, accessories, consumer products and electronic cards, and the warranty period for PC parts is one year.

– The warranty period starts from the time you receive the product.

– Products can be returned in case the product does not comply with the description shown on the website within 3 days only from the date of receipt, in case the box is not opened or the tape is cut to protect the box or the product is used.

– In the event that damaged or incomplete goods arrive upon receipt, a replacement shipment or the missing piece will be sent without any costs by sending evidence of the deficiency or defect. In some cases, a damaged product will be requested to be returned to ensure the presence of damage

The replacement will be rejected in these cases and the warranty will be deemed void when:

– Try to unlock the widget or device

– Delete device files

– Misuse, including breakage of the product, wounds on the surface of the product, or writing

– Repairing the device in unlicensed locations

– Replace the product more than twice for the customer

– Delete the product number from the box or the product itself

– Failure to deliver the product in its original package and with all its attachments

Contact info:

Phone or WhatsApp: 00971588330092

Email: [email protected]


Last update on 03/13/2024

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